Dodson & Horrel is Europe's leading horse feed manufacturer and provides the best racing and racing stables in the UK and the rest of Europe as well as several thousand recreational horses. Brothers Horrell (Richard and John) and Catherine Horrell (Richard's daughter) pay particular attention to food quality, and this attention is reflected in the Chudleys and Autarky dog food range.

Chudleys is a name familiar to anyone who frequents the hunting dog world in Britain. Known for breeding and training Labradors, Cockers and Springer Spaniels, the Chudley family has produced many champions. As early as 1952, the Chudley family chose to have their breed dogs feeded by Dodson and Horrell, and developed formulas that helped produce its champions.

Since its first food for working dogs, whose great success testifies to the quality of the development and manufacture of the product, the range has expanded to feed dogs of all breeds and types.

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Chudleys range
With more than 40 years of expertise, the Chudleys range is designed for working and sporty dogs. The recipes have been developed for the family with the same name in order to support their breed dogs. This range is guaranteed gluten-free. Your working dog will have the nutrients to provide the amount of energy and endurance it requires.

Autarky range
The Autarky range is made with natural (gluten-free, soy- and wheat-free) and quality ingredients that contain all the nutrients your dog needs. Recipes are developed in such a way that it is easy to switch from one product to another without disrupting its balance. By choosing the Autarky range you make sure to give your dog a balanced and tasty diet.

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