Specialist Nutrition Horse Feed

Convalescent Mesli

Dodson & Horrell

Ideal for nutritional support for horses and ponies recovering or resting.


Muesli very appetizing and digestible
Provides adapted micronutrients for healing
High in good quality protein to help the body's natural distribution process
Keeps the horse in good condition without changing its temperament
Low energy (category 2)
Formula enriched in pre and pro biotics improving digestion
Adding Vitamin E
Antioxidants that support your horse's immune system


10.5% raw protein

5% Oil
15% raw fibre
7.5% raw ash (minerals)
16.5% starch

Available in 20kg bags

24.10 € TTC

20 kg

How to buy ?

Pick up at the farm or ask for delivery

Payment by check, cash or transfer

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